Why is humidity control important for for print and packaging?

Print and packaging facilities require an optimal relative humidity between 50-60%. Dry air can cause paper curl, web breaks and static build up. When spooling paper, printing presses generate electrostatic charges which then cause the pages to become difficult to separate.

Humidity control helps to stabilise the conditions, dimensional stability of paper and other hygroscopic materials is improved and therefore paper jams and machine breakdowns are unlikely to occur. Machinery will be able to work at higher speeds resulting in an increase in product quality, production, and profits.

Specifically for packaging where plastics and glue are used then humidity control helps with preventing static and reducing curing times.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminate static, web breaks and paper jams
  • Improve the dimensional stability of paper and card
  • Improve glue drying times and finishing quality
  • Reduce energy and wastage
  • Increase machine speeds
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