Why is humidity control important for data centres?

It is crucial to operate computer and networking equipment within a fairly narrow temperature range to ensure reliable operation and maximum lifespan of components working within that environment. This is important as even a few degrees too hot can blow a server chip, leading to considerable cost to repair or refurbish the server, as well as the amount of money lost in the time that the server would be offline.

Poor humidity control also leads to accumulation of static electricity, which if discharged could damage the electronic components in the equipment.

The risk of electrostatic discharge occurs when the humidity drops to 35% RH but can effectively be eliminated at 55% RH. Humidity at 55% protects the electrical components.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminate risk of ESDs
  • Free cooling from adiabatic humidification
  • Low energy cooling and humidification
  • Steam humidifiers provide close control
  • Reduced maintenance and consumables when operating with reverse osmosis water
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