Why is humidity control important to test chambers?

Test chambers require exact conditions to be able to consistently replicate conditions and ensure continuity of test results, research findings or manufacturing processes.

Humidifiers or dehumidifiers – and frequently both – are used to provide close control conditions which can be to within +/- 1%rh.

Dependant on the test or trial the controlled environments may need to be maintained for a day, a week, a month or a year so the equipment used to achieve these conditions can vary to facilitate the control tolerance and the consistency of this control over the time period.

Trickle feed on the inlet water supply and being able to disable the drain functions are techniques that can be used to ensure continuous output from the steam humidifiers to ensure that they do not go off the boil which would interrupt delivery of the moisture – this is often used in conjunction with specific water treatment.


Benefits include:

  • Close control of humidity
  • Consistent conditions and standards maintained
  • Ensures test validity, reducing the need to re-test
  • Production consistency and KPI’s achieved
  • Home office regulations met
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