Why is humidity control important to offices & meeting rooms?

The optimum condition for employee health and productivity in offices & meeting room environment is 40-60% relative humidity. Adverse effects of dry air include electrostatic shocks, headaches, dry itchy skin, sore eyes and throat, and an increase in dehydration.

Office environments require humidity control throughout the year. This is due to air conditioning in the summer months, and heating in winter. Both will create low moisture content in the air and prolonged exposure to a dry atmosphere will affect the health of staff, increase absenteeism and lower productivity.

Humidification can be introduced directly via in-room systems or included within the central air conditioning system for larger offices.


Benefits include:

  • Improve employee health and wellbeing
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Stabilise adverse effects of air conditioning or heating
  • Provide a comfortable working environment


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The human body has a high percentage of water content so it’s understandable when exposed to dry air for extended periods creates discomfort, reduced effectiveness and lower productivity. It is therefore paramount that offices where people spend most of their waking day is provided with comfortable humidity levels and environmental conditions.


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