Why is humidity control important for air handling units?

Air handling units are used in a wide variety of applications but where humidity control is required it is essential to include a humidifier to add moisture to bring low moisture content outside air up to the condition required.

Steam humidifiers are the most commonly used humidifier as they are straight forward to install and offer excellent evaporation distances within the air flow without wetting. Using a multi steam lance shall also ensure the fastest possible evaporation which can often be as low as 200mm downstream of the humidifier lance. Steam is widely used in medical and hospital applications as the steam is sterile.

Adiabatic systems such as evaporative, spray nozzles and ultrasonics are also used to reduce humidifier energy use and provide free cooling in industrial applications.

Benefits include:

  • Achieving the conditions that the end user requires
  • Reduced AHU length with specifically designed systems
  • Close control of +/-1%rh possible
  • Reduced heating coil size required to achieve thermal comfort with correct humidity
  • Off the shelf solutions for quick delivery / time scales
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