Why is humidity control important for air handling units?

Air handling units are used in a wide variety of applications and in certain situations, there is a need for humidity control. The optimal place to introduce moisture is within a dedicated air handling unit humidification section. Therefore, specifiers will frequently add humidifiers to the air handling unit scope. Additionally, humidifiers may need to be retrofitted due to a change in building use.

Isothermal humidifiers are frequently specified as they are straightforward to install and can offer favourable evaporation distances within the air flow without wetting. Furthermore, a multi-steam manifold option is available to ensure the shortest possible evaporation distances, up to 200mm downstream is achievable in the right circumstances. This can be essential when there are downstream obstructions such as filters or bends. Humidity Solutions offers all Isothermal options including electrode and resistive humidifiers from trusted brands to suit all air handling unit requirements.

With the push for low energy and net zero, adiabatic systems have increased in popularity. They offer savings in terms of energy and can be used to provide direct, indirect or exhaust air adiabatic cooling. Humidity Solutions is proud to offer a full range of evaporative, spray nozzles and ultrasonic humidifiers, depending on the application requirements.

The decision on which unit type to use will depend on the requirements of a site and feed water quality. Electrode boilers work well in areas of low feed water hardness; however, resistive element humidifiers may be the better option where a reliable solution is required, with tight control and lower maintenance costs in areas of hard water. We also offer reverse osmosis systems to work alongside resistive element humidifiers to further reduce maintenance and tighten control tolerances.

While adiabatic systems are low energy in themselves, the energy to create the humidity needs to be considered. This will manifest itself as increased air temperature in the humidifier. This energy requirement must be designed into an air-handling unit heating capacity. That said, heat recovery is widely regarded as the most effective way of contributing to this requirement, and getting the best out of an adiabatic system in terms of energy savings.

Benefits include:

  • Full range of isothermal and adiabatic humidifiers
  • Decades of experience in humidification system design and selection
  • Assistance with system design and absorption distance
  • Close control of up +/-1%rh possible
  • Off-the-shelf solutions for quick delivery time scales
  • Full after-sales support
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When fast delivery is required, we hold a comprehensive stock of both units and spares in our warehouse. We also offer competitive installation and commissioning rates.  Humidity Solutions is also passionate about after-sales, we have a dedicated customer service team at our offices in Leatherhead, who offer free technical support over the phone to our customers.

We also are proud to have a team of experienced engineers, for all commissioning, servicing and planned maintenance requirements.

Whether you looking to specify humidifiers as part of an AHU package, an AHU manufacturer looking for a quality humidifier supplier or an end-user refurbishing your existing system, at Humidity Solutions we have the experience, expertise and product range to provide you with the very best service.

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