Why is humidity control important for medical cannabis?

To deliver compliant, uniform, and safe cannabis medicine, growers must optimise growing environments on a site-specific basis.

The ideal humidity for medical cannabis plants in seedling form is 70%, dropping to 50%-55% while in flowering and vegetative form, and reducing furthermore for the drying purpose to around 40-50%. These figures could differ depending on the genetics of the cannabis plant but with any drying process it is important not to dry too quickly so a gradual drying process is required.

Mould can be problematic for cannabis production so it is vital the correct humidity is adhered to as mould can spread quickly through the crop and, once present, can lead to the whole crop being rejected.

Benefits include:

  • Controlled environment
  • Low energy solutions
  • Bespoke system design
  • Modular systems for future expansion
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