Why is humidity control important to swimming pools and spas?

Swimming pools require dehumidification and ventilation to prevent mould and excessive humidity which can cause dripping and uncomfortable environment in the pool hall. To achieve this we can calculate the size of the dehumidifier based on the size and temperature of the pool and pool hall in addition to whether the pool surface is covered at night to reduce evaporation and the use for the pool – splashing children or calm lane swimming which again affects the moisture evaporation rate.

Wall and floor mounted dehumidifiers are available which can be mounted in or outside the pool hall dependant on the specific requirements and specification with output suitable for the smallest domestic hot tub up to Olympic size 50m public pools.

Heat recovery and energy efficiency are essential in todays cost conscious world and these units deliver with air heat recovery systems to pre heat incoming fresh air or by using excess process heat to warm the pool water.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce condensation
  • Eliminate mould and reduce maintenance
  • Reduce slip hazards
  • Increase hygiene
  • Create a comfortable environment
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