Why is humidity control important for hot yoga?

Humidity Solutions has provided essential humidity control for over 200 studios in the UK. Hot yoga is practised in conditions of 40°C and 40 – 50% Relative Humidity to provide the ideal conditions to ensure a good work out and an environment that is conducive to this form of exercise.

Fresh air has to be brought into the studio to meet with building regulations to ensure that the build up of C02 generated by the students does not reach an uncomfortable level. When this air is brought in to the studio and heated to 40°C the humidity could drop down to below 10% RH which would make exercise very unpleasant.

Humidity is therefore introduced to bring the studio up to a comfortable 40% RH allowing the students to benefit fully from the class and not to suffer from dry skin, sore eyes or excessive dehydration of the body. It also helps save on heating bills as the perceived temperature is hotter than the actual allowing the room temperature to be reduced while achieving the same effects.

Benefits include:

  • Reliable temperature and humidity control
  • Heating, humidity and ventilation from one system
  • Reduce risk of dry skin, sore eyes and dehydration
  • Easy to use and compact equipment
  • Increase hygiene due to good ventilation
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