Vapac Electrode Boiler

The LE Comfort Control Electrode Boiler Humidifier from Vapac offers a relative humidity tolerance of +/- 10%. It includes the VapaNet control system, which is designed for user-friendly interaction and instant information on the humidifiers performance.

Features and benefits

  • User-friendly display
  • Minimal water wastage
  • Water level control technology
  • Easy maintenance and servicing
  • 9 capacity options available

Typical applications

  • Air handling units
  • Offices
  • Museums
  • Charcuterie
  • Food processing
  • Product Information

    The Vapac Electrode Boiler LE Comfort Control model is designed to offer a +/- 10% relative humidity tolerance. It incorporates an intelligent combination of supplying, boiling and draining to minimise wastage of water and energy.  Water level control technology gives a performance turndown of between 20% and 100% of designated unit performance.

    / Specifications /

    Steam capacities:8 options: 5 kg/hr up to 110 kg/hr
    Electrical supply options:400v 3 phase, 230v 1 phase
    Control network:Can be connected to all major BMS systems

    Full specifications can be found on the downloads below.

  • Product Information

    The Room Distribution Unit is available for both the LE and LEP models up to 18 kg/hr and is ideal for applications where air handling units and ducts are unavailable. They can be supplied fixed to the humidifier or loose for remote mounting directly into the room. The RDU is designed with built in fans that create an even distribution throughout the space.

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Vapac Electrode Boiler

Product in action

Featured case study

Artwork preserved by using humidity control

St Alban’s Museum houses artwork produced over 2,00 years ago. They came to us to protect these priceless pieces with humidity control.



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