Why is humidity control important for wood processing?

Humidity control is essential during storage and processing in the factory. Materials that benefit from being stored in a humidity controlled environment are finished products such as window and door frames as well as the wooden boards. This is because wood is a hygroscopic material and stabilisation of the ambient conditions allows wood to maintain the same dimensions throughout the production process. If the ambient conditions were not maintained the wood could expand or shrink, which could lead to cracks and deformations, wasting the material.

Humidity control addresses every single one of these issues, creating the perfect environment for wood processing, manufacturing and treatment. This is one of the reasons humidity control is such an important issue for wood and timber manufacturing plants.

At Humidity Solutions we provide a range of solutions to solve all of these problems and keep plants working at optimum performance.

Benefits include:

  • Avoid expensive material from drying out
  • Reduce wastage
  • Maintain dimensional stability
  • Avoid cracks and deformations in the wood
  • Preserve the quality of wood finishes
  • Reduce dust and fire potential
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Timber frames for window and doors require dimensional stability to ensure components fit neatly and accurately during assembly without warping or bending of formed finished items. It has been shown that humidity control greatly reduces cracking and wastage of raw timber and finished products.


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