High Pressure Water System

The High Pressure Water System is an energy efficient cold water (adiabatic) humidifier that sprays atomised water into the area that requires humidification. It can be customised for medium and large applications.

Features and benefits

  • Reduces energy consumption and costs
  • Can be modulated for large scale applications
  • Multiple installation options
  • Easy servicing and maintenance

Typical applications

  • Wood processing and storage
  • Print and packaging
  • Product Information

    The High Pressure Water System is an energy efficient humidifier that uses cold water pumped at high pressures through stainless steal nozzles. This then atomises the water into a fine mist that helps humidify the area. The system can be modified and in duct and in room applications.

    / Specifications /

    For full specifications please see the Technical Data Sheet and Product Brochure below.

High Pressure Water System

Product in action

Featured case study

Recycling Plant Improves Working Conditions and Employee Wellbeing with Humidification

German recycling company improved the working environment and the productivity by installing an air humidification system.



High Pressure Water System Brochure

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