Neptronic SKVF Evaporative Cooler

The Neptronic SKVF Evaporative Cooler is engineered and built to offer maximum comfort in large scale applications. It provides adequate humidification and cooling. In hot applications, this cooling can greatly contribute to process efficiency by enhancing worker productivity. It also contributes to product quality and reducing energy consumption.

Features and benefits

  • ECM fan with variable output
  • Stand alone or roof mounted
  • Free cooling up to 12°C
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Hygienic and environmentally friendly

Typical applications

  • Data centres
  • Paint booths
  • Factories
  • Commercial buildings
  • Greenhouses
  • Product Information

    The SKVF uses energy-efficient and modulating fans to circulate outdoor fresh air or indoor recirculated air. Warm dry air passes over the wet media to make the water evaporate. This then then raises the humidity level. The unit can cool the air due to the energy transfer generated by the water evaporation.

    The SKVF’s controller can be configured with either temperature control for a cooling application or humidity control for humidification. It allows you to temper industrial and commercial indoor areas where heat build-ups could be unfavourable to occupants, production and material goods.

    / Specifications /

    Evaporation Factor:85% 
    Electrical supply:230-240v, 1 phase
    Fan position:Back or side

    Full specifications can be found on the downloads below.

Neptronic SKVF Evaporative Cooler

Product in action

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