Why do Spray booths require humidity control?

Spray booths are often used for water-based paints and frequently require relative humidity levels as high as 65-75% in order to deliver consistent spray quality. Optimising RH helps prevent aerosol evaporation, pigment agglomeration and premature drying, and ensures consistent deposition rates.

The objective of humidifying a paint spray booth is to permit the optimum transfer of paint from the spray guns to the bodywork, without any loss into the atmosphere of the water-based paint itself. When the relative humidity level drops below 30%, problems begin to arise, one of which is the simple fact that paint dries increasingly fast at this level.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce static build-up and dust adhesion to surfaces
  • Reduce spray evaporation between nozzle and surface
  • Prevention of premature and uneven drying
  • Optimum environment for electrostatic painting and powder coating
  • Increase production efficiency, reduced sanding requirement, lower paint cost and improved finish
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