The flow of visitors, the structure of storage facilities, and changes in weather can all cause fluctuations in temperature and humidity in fine art storage environments.

Maintaining a stable environment with humidity levels between 45–65% RH is crucial in fine art storage to ensure that the materials in artworks, such as canvas, wood, and paper, do not suffer from expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature and humidity. This stability helps prevent the deterioration of precious artworks.

Issues such as mould growth, canvas warping, and paint flaking are common consequences of inadequate humidity control.

In the UK, while most humidity challenges in fine art storage involve managing low RH, there are instances where dehumidification is needed—sometimes both approaches may be necessary at different times of the year. Specialist advice is critical to tailor humidity control systems to meet the specific requirements of each art storage project.

  • Prevents mould growth, canvas warping, and paint flaking.
  • Ensures that the materials within artworks, such as wood and paper, do not expand or contract
  • Creates a stable environment that extends the lifespan of artworks
  • Offers the ability to customize humidity control systems to suit the specific needs
  • Provides effective solutions for both humidification and dehumidification to address seasonal changes in environmental conditions.
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