Case Studies

Artefacts protected with Resistive Humidifier by Humidity Solutions

Published on:

September 14, 2022

The background

At Humidity Solutions we are often tasked with protecting and preserving priceless items, and this case study is no different. Our client, The Novium Museum, came to us as they were having problems with their humidification equipment. As a result, their previous resistive humidifier was unable to maintain the correct environmental conditions for preserving the artefacts.  

The museum spreads over three floors with the exhibition showcasing Chichester’s artefacts from the past 500,000 years. The museum was built to show the remains of a Roman bath house which is now uncovered for easy viewing. They had previously had resistive humidifiers from another supplier which were based on the roof of the museum. However, these weren’t achieving the correct humidity levels and needed to be replaced. The museum required a full replacement of the resistive humidifiers. It was also required to fit them inside the existing waterproof enclosures. Because they are installed on the roof open to the elements.

The Solution

The Novium Museum got in touch with Humidity Solutions, resulting in a free onsite survey from our humidification expert, Simon Marshall, to scope out the project and recommend the best solution to protect the priceless artefacts. During the site survey Simon was able to measure and calculate the area of the space as well as locate all of the power, water and electrical components essential for easy installation.

As a result of the site survey, within 24 hours, the museum had a quote for the entire project which included all of the relevant information. Included in the quote were new humidifiers, installation and commissioning. The Novium Museum’s old steam lances were replaced, and the old humidifiers were upgraded to the SKE4, Neptronic’s Resistive Humidifier. This steam humidification system provides reliable humidity control with minimal maintenance. After The Novium Museum got in touch, Humidity Solutions provided the full turnkey solution – from consultation and supply all the way through to installation and commissioning.