Why is humidity control important for vehicle storage?

Vehicles are particularly vulnerable to damage to bodywork and interior fabrics due to high humidity. High moisture levels can accelerate corrosion of metallic surfaces. Build-up of moisture in fabrics accelerates degradation and may even lead to mould growth.

Controlling humidity through dehumidification, rather than by simply heating the space, is widely accepted as the most effective option in terms of protecting the vehicles whilst optimising energy efficiency.

Desiccant dehumidifiers also introduce a low level of heating that supports the dehumidification process and helps to gently dry vehicles that have been garaged whilst still wet from rain.

Benefits include:

  • Maintain stable conditions
  • Protect against corrosion, rust and mould growth
  • Preserve the value of classic cars
  • Reduce insurance costs for some vehicles
  • Dehumidified classic car storage to maximise revenue
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