Libraries, Museums & Galleries

Why is humidity control important to libraries, museums and galleries?

The flow and volume of visitors, the size and age of the buildings and fluctuations in weather can result in frequent changes in temperature and humidity in libraries, museums and galleries

A stable environment of between 45–65% RH is vital in Libraries, Museums & Galleries to ensure that the fibres within hygroscopic materials (wood, paper, leather) do not expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity, thereby causing the deterioration of valuable items.

Glues, mould growth, warping and fading are all unwanted results of poor climatic control.

In the UK most humidity problems relate to low RH, but there may be situations requiring dehumidification – perhaps even both, at different times of the year.  Specialist advice is essential to design systems suitable for each specific project.

Benefits include:

  • Conservation and preservation of valuable artefacts
  • Protect against deterioration of archived books and paper
  • Reduce risk of splitting or cracking of hygroscopic materials
  • Improve human comfort of visitors and staff
  • Create a stable environment to allow for preservation works
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