Oil Rigs & Offshore Wind Turbines

Why do oil rigs and offshore wind turbines require humidity control?

Oil Rigs are commonly located in harsh environments so the personnel within the living quarters require excellent air quality. Low humidity caused by air conditioning and dry working environments can cause numerous medical conditions so a constant 50% RH is essential in this application.

Conversely, naturally damp conditions at sea may often require dehumidification to prevent degradation or mould formation in living or storage areas.

Static – it goes without saying – is also unwanted on an oil rig and can be eliminated by maintaining an adequate level of moisture within the air.

In the case of offshore wind turbines, it is to prevent corrosion in the towers and turbine section against the corrosive environment.

Benefits include:

  • Staff comfort
  • Preservation of decommissioned accommodation blocks
  • Reduce static in control rooms
  • Dehumidification of lifeboats to maintain functionality
  • Prevent corrosion
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