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Creating the Perfect Environment in Air Handling Units

May 23, 2024

In the search for optimal indoor air quality, the role of Air Handling Units extends beyond mere temperature regulation. A critical, yet often underused aspect is their ability to manage humidity levels. This article explores humidity control within AHUs, highlighting its significance and the innovative solutions available to address common challenges.

Cooling coils in AHUs are the unsung heroes during the humid summer months, efficiently extracting excess moisture from the air. This dehumidification process is vital for maintaining comfortable and healthy indoor environments during this period. However, the winter period presents a challenge. As the air is heated, moisture levels drop, leading to dry conditions that can trigger various issues, from respiratory discomfort to static electricity. This contrast highlights the importance of incorporating humidity control in the initial design phase of AHUs, ensuring they are equipped to address both extremes.

The discovery of inadequate humidity levels in operational AHUs, whether newly installed or long-standing, is not a dead end. Tailored solutions, such as bespoke steam lances, can be introduced to mitigate these issues. Designed for compact spaces, these lances provide precise humidity adjustments, preventing the common problem of ductwork dampness and ensuring that even the most constrained systems can achieve optimal humidity levels.

Maintaining the right humidity level is not just about comfort; it’s a health imperative. In environments such as hospitals and offices, where the spread of viruses can cause major issues, humidity levels between 40-60% are crucial. This range is scientifically proven to reduce the transmission of common colds and other diseases, making humidity control a key component.

Neptronic SKE4 Resistive Humidifier installed within an air handling unit

As we advance in our understanding of indoor air quality, the significance of humidity control within AHU systems cannot be overstated. By integrating smart design and innovative solutions, we can create environments that are not only comfortable but also conducive to health and well-being. For those seeking to optimise their AHU systems, Humidity Solutions provides the expertise and support needed to navigate the complexities of humidity control. We stock a range of competitively priced isothermal and adiabatic humidifiers in order to seamlessly integrate within air handling units.

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