Neptronic SKV Evaporative

With the SKV Evaporative Humidifier, water is supplied to the top of the evaporative module and flows down the wet media. Warm dry air passes through the wet media evaporating the water, thereby raising the humidity level.

Features and benefits

  • Very low energy consumption (<1kW)
  • Hygienic and environmentally friendly
  • Very low maintenance
  • Free cooling up to 12°C
  • Bespoke modular design

Typical applications

  • Data centres
  • Paint shops
  • AHU units
  • Greenhouses
  • Commercial buildings
  • Product Information

    The SKV Evaporative Cooling humidifier is ideal for any application requiring cost effective and hygienic solutions for humidification needs with free cooling up to 12°C. With very low energy and water consumption, the SKV is the perfect complement to any low energy building.

    The SKV is easy to install. Just connect the drain, water supply, power supply, and 6 low-voltage wires between the controller and the evaporative module. The controller’s stainless steel IP56 rated enclosure allows for outdoor installations.

    / Specifications /

    EfficiencyUp to 95%
    Electrical supply:230v, 1 phase
    European standardEN13501-1

    Full specifications can be found on the downloads below.

Neptronic SKV Evaporative

Product in action

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