Neptronic SKE4 Resistive Steam Humidifier

The resistive heating elements of the SKE4 convert electrical energy to heat energy that is then transmitted to the surrounding water, raising the temperature to its boiling point, creating steam. The process allows mineral free, odourless, sterile steam to be generated quickly with any water condition.

Features and benefits

  • Close control achievable +/- 1% Rh
  • Steam capacity from 5 to 120 kg/hr
  • Compatible with RO unit
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long lasting evaporation chamber

Typical applications

  • AHU units
  • Laboratories
  • Test chambers
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Close control HVAC applications
  • Product Information

    The Neptronic SKE4 humidifier is ideal for all water qualities, including hard water and areas where silica is present. The SKE4 is designed with engineers in mind for easy installation and maintenance. The humidifier can be operated on reverse osmosis water, removing mineral build up and enabling extremely close control of steam output.


    / Specifications /

    Capacities:5 kg/hr up to 120 kg/hr
    Electrical supply options:230v 1 phase, 400v 3 phase
    Steam distribution:Induct or direct air

    Full specifications can be found on the downloads below.

Neptronic SKE4 Resistive Steam Humidifier

Product in action

Featured case study

Artefacts protected with Resistive Humidifier by Humidity Solutions

Humidity control provides The Novium Museum with reliable humidity control for protecting the precious artefacts.



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