Neptronic SKD Steam Injection Humidifier

The Neptronic SKD direct steam injection system uses low pressure steam from an in-house boiler to humidify the air.

Features and benefits

  • Bespoke design to your requirements
  • 5 steam distribution configurations
  • Unique electronic steam controller
  • Optimised for energy efficiency
  • Comes with all parts for installation

Typical applications

  • Hospitals/ healthcare
  • Museums
  • Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Airports
  • Product Information

    The SKD direct steam humidifier utilises a HD technology – a high efficiency insulated distributor. This enables energy to be reduced by up to 85%, which in turn, offers enough savings on energy to payback the investment in approximately 15 months. The system is constructed from 100% stainless making it extremely robust and easy to maintain.

    Every SKD Steam Injection Humidifier comes with all required accessories for a complete installation. Depending on the selected configuration, we will supply: Isolating valve, Steam control valve, Temperature sensors, Steam separator, Strainer, Steam traps and ESC controller.

    / Specifications /

    Real time monitoring:Yes
    Accessibility:Outside the duct for easy access

    Full specifications can be found on the download below.

Neptronic SKD Steam Injection Humidifier

Product in action

Featured case study

Car Storage Facility Requires Dehumidification to Protect Luxury Cars

Humidity Solutions supplied and installed desiccant dehumidifiers into a car storage facility residing in a victorian farm building.



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