Cotes Ultradry Dehumidifiers

Cotes Ultradry Solutions are high performance machines built to handle large volumes of air. Some of our clients have specialised needs for highly specific production or manufacturing processes where precision, performance and stability are key.

Features and benefits

  • Uses sustainable energy sources
  • Energy efficient and low costs
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • up to -120°C dew point.
  • Bespoke to your requirements

Typical applications

  • Lithium-ion battery production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Powder packaging lines
  • Industrial processing
  • Anywhere requiring 0% humidity
  • Product Information

    Cotes has developed a sustainable energy sourcing technology that combines energy efficiency and clever design with sustainable energy to create the most sustainable dry-air solutions for large industrial process that require extremely low dew points and levels of humidity.

    / Exergic Technology /

    The design of the Cotes Ultradry uses three rotors enabling the dehumidifier to operate at lower temperatures which allows the use of renewable and sustainable energy sources to achieve considerable energy cost savings and large carbon footprint reductions. All you need for Cotes Exergic Technology to work is hot water heated by a sustainable energy source: Waste heat, biomass or biogas (if available and sustainable), solar thermal panels, CO2 heat pump used for both heating and cooling, electricity (from sustainable energy sources, i.e. wind power, solar power).

    Full specifications can be found on the download below.

Cotes Ultradry Dehumidifiers

Product in action

Featured case study

Car Storage Facility Requires Dehumidification to Protect Luxury Cars

Humidity Solutions supplied and installed desiccant dehumidifiers into a car storage facility residing in a victorian farm building.



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