Cotes Cold Store Dehumidifiers

Cotes Cold Store Dehumidifiers are specially designed and configured for controlling airborne humidity at temperatures down to -25°C, in order to prevent moisture freezing to ice inside cold storage and freezer facilities—large and small. There are three models available with different capacities.

Features and benefits

  • Low temperature humidity management
  • Low energy consumption
  • Insulated to prevent ice forming
  • Preheater module included
  • Special control unit designed for the cold

Typical applications

  • Cold stores
  • Refrigerators
  • Chillers
  • Freezers
  • Product Information

    The Cotes C-Line Cold Store range of special adsorption dehumidifiers are for preventing ice from forming in sub-zero storage installations. Low-temperature and sub-zero storage facilities often have to deal with problems caused by uncontrolled airborne moisture condensing or freezing into ice on cold surfaces. Ice in undesirable places quickly increases cold storage operating costs, as well as causing damage to stored products and increasing wastage rates—with big impacts on customers’ satisfaction with your storage services. Cotes Cold Store adsorption dehumidifiers enable you too quickly and easily bring humidity conditions in your cold storage setup under full control by dealing with the cause—not the symptoms. This means you can prevent ice problems from even arising —using only a minimum of energy.

    / Specifications /

    MODELC30CC35C C65C
    Moisture removal capacity at -25°C:0.15 kg/hUp to 0.4 kg/hUp to 1.6 kg/h
    Connected load:1.4+1 kWUp to 5.3+1 kWUp to 10+2 kW
    Voltage:230v 1 phase400v 3 phase400v 3 phase

    Full specifications can be found on the download below.

Cotes Cold Store Dehumidifiers

Product in action

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