Tom Barker

Internal Sales Manager

Tom Barker has been a vital member of the Humidity Solutions team since 2014, with an impressive nine years of experience in humidity control. He has worked in various different roles within the business, from working in the warehouse, to ordering equipment from suppliers and quoting customers for spare parts. In 2018, Tom transitioned to our sales department, where he excels in designing and supplying bespoke humidity control solutions to our clients.

Tom has extensive experience within the humidity control market and has played a pivotal role in improving environmental conditions across a range of industries, large and small. Whether it’s through humidification systems for the HVAC sector, dehumidification equipment in garages, or our steam bath units. Tom’s expertise has been instrumental in creating optimal environmental conditions for customers.

Outside of his professional life, Tom is a passionate rugby fan, often found supporting Exeter Chiefs. He also enjoys socialising with friends over a pint at the local pub. Recently, Tom and his partner welcomed a baby girl.