Case Studies

Digital print company requires turnkey humidity control system

Published on:

June 7, 2022

The background

KnowledgePoint is a global leader in the digital print sector. Specialising in design, deployment and delivery of support services for the learning market and produces much of the material at its Reading printing base. The digital print company required a humidification solution that would provide precise control whilst avoiding airflows from ceiling-mounted air-cooling units.

The Digital Print Solution

Firstly, Humidity Solutions proposed using an Airtec high pressure nozzle system, using three Hydrojet humidifier heads suspended over critical areas.

Secondly, a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System was recommended. This is to prevent minerals from the water from precipitating onto print heads. This softens the water and extends the life of the reverse osmosis membrane, and ultraviolet steriliser to eliminate any bacteria in the water.

Humidity Solutions delivered a comprehensive service. This includes calculating loads, designing and installing the system and providing a planned maintenance programme.

The results

Knowledge Point Facilities Manager commented: “Humidity Solutions provided excellent support throughout the process of installation and commissioning and, since then, have serviced and maintained the system. The result is a trouble-free system that supports our production quality and productivity.

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