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Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

October 20, 2022

Dehumidifiers should be considered from the early stages of designing any spas or swimming pools. This is because it is equally as important as the lighting, water treatment and ventilation. The comfort of all using the spa or swimming pool is largely dependant on the humidity control within the space.

Spas and swimming pools can reach very high levels of up to 90% relative humidity (RH). Even a small 4m2 spa can evaporate as much as 2 to 4 litres per hour of water. This can increase further if people are in the pool splashing around and adding more moisture into the air.

Too much humidity in the area causes many major problems. The most common is the water condensation around the pool. This forms on windows, door handles, floors and other surfaces.

In the short term…

Condensation causes water to pool on the floors, creating major slip and trip hazards. It also means the windows will become cloudy and in extreme cases, breathing may become difficult for those inside the room.

In the medium term…

Mould will begin to build up which will not only create an unpleasant smell but can make visitors and employees unwell. This can have a significant impact on your business and its hygiene standards.

In the long term…

Excess humidity will damage the structural integrity of your building, with rust forming on metal structures and water condensing within the structure of the walls. It will also cause doors to warp, potentially seizing them shut.

The best way to combat these problems is by using a dehumidifier. At Humidity Solutions we offer a full turnkey solution tailored to your application. From designing and supplying the right equipment to installation and commissioning, we can help you create the ideal environment for any size pool or spa.

Why should I invest in a dehumidifier for spas and swimming pools?

With a dehumidifier around a pool or spa, it keeps all surfaces dry and free from slip hazards and mould. When the pool area is closed, the dehumidifier will keep working, meaning that there is no excess humidity 24/7.

In a 4m2 spa the dehumidifier will produce 1000W of natural heating as a bi-product of the dehumidification process. Combined with the recycling of energy within the space will mean that less money is spent on heating. This can all be controlled via a small, easy to operate screen on your unit.

After your dehumidifier is installed, your room will stay at a perfect 40-60% humidity, similar to what you would expect in a normal room at midday. This 40-60% range is seen as the ideal range for humidity as it stops condensation. It also keeps the space at a pleasant level of humidity without being too dry. This will once again be controlled via a sensor in the room and can be controlled via the screen on your unit.

I already have a ventilation system, what should I do?

It is a legal requirement in public buildings to provide 20m3 of fresh air per person within the room. This means that all harmful components of the air such as odours from water treatment must be exhausted into the air via a duct-based ventilation system.

We have a product that fits seamlessly into this application as it can be installed as part of the duct work. This product will quietly remove moisture from the air being recirculated as well as dehumidifying the fresh air into the space which may be very humid on some days.

If your duct work cannot be modified, we also offer standalone units with alternative installation options. We have systems that are freestanding, or wall mounted as well as a system that can be installed in a plant room adjacent to the pool area.

High Temperatures in spa areas

Spas in particular can reach very high temperatures, sometimes as high as 35°C. This means that water evaporation and the absolute humidity in the space is very high. This can cause discomfort to people in the pool area. Ideally, this temperature should be around 24-30°C to keep the occupants comfortable.

Should you require high temperatures, our equipment is more than capable of working in high heat environments.

What Dehumidifier do I need for spas and swimming pools?

We have a range of refrigerant dehumidifiers designed by Italian manufacturer, HiDew to be used in spas and swimming pools. They are all engineered with the highest quality materials and purposely built to withstand pool and spa environments. The range includes systems for small residential pools to commercial units that can remove in excess of 400kg of moisture per day from the room.

To help you find the right product and solution for your pool or spa, get in touch with our humidity control experts. We offer free onsite consultations to help size and scale the system to your specific requirements.