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Medical Research Facility Required Dehumidification for Dry Rooms

Published on:

August 22, 2022

The background

A leading research and development company in the medical industry contacted Humidity Solutions to get support in their new dry rooms. These state-of-the-art medical facilities will support the development of new cutting-edge diagnostic processes for use within hospitals.

This project required us to supply and install a new dry room, complete with airlock technology with the ability to control conditions remotely. Humidity Solutions was responsible for the dehumidification system to enable close control over the cleanroom’s environmental conditions.

The solution

After an initial onsite consultation from our dehumidification specialist, Lindsey Henderson, the Cotes C65 desiccant dehumidifier was specified. This included a post-cooling module to allow a constant environment of 20°C at a dew point of -21°C. This solution came equipped with fully integrated control functionality, data logging and a remote control panel.

The medical company designed the dry rooms to allow fresh air for two operatives, in compliance with current recommendations. The product load factor and an airlock were built into the design to ensure conditions were maintained.

Humidity Solutions installed a dehumidifier, post cooler and chiller. The remote panel allowed direct control of the set point and humidity parameters without having to access the plant room. This ensured the client had full visibility of the condition within the space at all times.

The Cotes C Line series is available in air volumes from 300 to 6000 m3/hr with pre-cooling, post-cooling and heating modules if required. Having redesigned and improved their products in 2021, the new C65 incorporates a heat recovery module as default functionality, improving energy efficiency and making it arguably the most energy-efficient mid-sized dehumidifier on the market.

The result

“Being part of a ground-breaking research project is always an exciting opportunity for us. The Cotes C line series is manufactured with exceptional quality, offering energy efficiencies and close control. This gives our client the complete reassurance that their dry rooms are of the highest standard.”

Lindsey Henderson, Dehumidification specialist

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