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Lithium-ion Battery Production Requires Constant Dehumidification

Published on:

June 8, 2022

The background

In the United Kingdom, Nexeon Ltd. is working to bring groundbreaking silicon anodes to market for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. The Nexeon pilot plant is configured to represent a commercial scale manufacturing facility. An advanced-technology lithium-ion dry room is crucial for this capability, because moisture greatly reduces the performance of the electrolyte.

The Lithium-Ion Solution

The dry room is equipped with a Cotes CRP40000 adsorption dehumidification system, configured to remove undesirable moisture from 13,000m3 of air per hour. The dry room and the CRP40000 dehumidifier were commissioned during torrential downpours in summer 2010. Nevertheless, the new installation met or exceeded all the required specifications, and achieved an exceptionally low -74.5°C dew point.

The results

The Cotes CRP40000 and dry room has been well received and proven to easily meet and exceed the high humidity demands of battery production.

“The company is very pleased with how the Cotes CRP40000 adsorption dehumidifier makes it possible to maintain the required dew point, and to quickly return humidity to the desired -60°C level, minimising fluctuations after visitors have exited.”

Ian McDonald, Engineering and Operations Director

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