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Whisky Destillery reduces evaporation with Airtec® System

Published on:

June 8, 2022

The Background

At Teerenpeli Whisky Distillery, raw whiskey is matured in oak casks over the years to get its unique colour and flavour. Wooden cask is an organic, breathing material, which allows water and alcohol to evaporate into the surrounding air.

The wooden cask equalises with the surrounding air humidity, which means the liquid transforms outwards when the air humidity is too low and inwards when the air humidity is too high. Too low humidity will result in a volume loss of whiskey and therefore a loss of income.

The Solution for Whisky Destillery

Humidity Solutions recommended the Airtec® EasyLine Humidification System. The humidification system includes an EasyLine pumpstation with the two control zones, two HydroOne’s and two HydroFlex units. The Airtec® EasyLine System allows the minimal level of humidity to be above 63,5% Rh, a crucial requirement from Teerenpeli Whisky Distillery.

The Results

“After the installation of the Airtec® EasyLine Humidification system together with reverse osmosis water, Teerenpeli have been able to stabilise the humidity in the storage area. The new system is reliable and creates the correct humidity circumstances. The difference between the new and old system is like night and day. We are so far satisfied with the full package”

Mr. Jaakko Joki

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