Case Studies

Productivity and working environment improves with Airtec®

Published on:

June 8, 2022

The background

The Breitsamer® facility was suffering from various issues related to dust. The problems affected both the health of the employees and the productivity of the site. The employees had to wear masks and were restricted to shorter shifts. With these issues, Breitsamer® experienced an increasing sick-rate, downtime on machines and reduced production performance. Breitsamer® turned to Humidity Solutions, in order to find a solution to the many problems they were facing in order to boost the working environment and productivity in the workplace.

The Solution

For the installation at the Breitsamer® facility, a stainless pipe system with nozzles and swivels was chosen. To maintain a good water quality in the water feed, a flushable prefilter was integrated within the water supply as well as a softening unit to eliminate calcium and magnesium. Additionally, a hygienic filter with a UV-reactor was added to the system for optimal performance.  

The system at Breitsamer® works with 7 zones and a water consumption up to 832 litres per hour. The pulsing function guarantees an individual adjustment for each specified zone in the facility. 

The results

The air humidification system from Airtec® optimized the performance, which meant Breitsamer’s® customer expectations were fulfilled. Besides reducing dust and controlling the humidity level, the installation of Airtec’s humidification system had a significant impact on the working environment and the employees’ well-being.  

Another highly positive side effect from the investment in the High Pressure Humidification system from Airtec® was the noteworthy reduction in the smell from the material. As a result of this, Breitsamer®achieved a better working environment for all employee’s and visitors at the site.

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