Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

The LK120 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment removes the minerals from mains water supplies, resulting in no scale building up in the humidifiers. This helps reduce maintenance costs and help extend the lifespan of the humidifier as there is less strain on the internal components.

Features and benefits

  • Extend the life of the unit and spares
  • No scale build up in the humidifier
  • Low maintenance and cost savings
  • Reduce frequency of spare parts
  • Less stain on the internal components

Typical applications

  • Hard water areas
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Laboratories
  • Product Information

    The LK120 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment uses mains water and converts it into pure water by removing the minerals through four internal filters. Removing the minerals from the water removes scale from building up inside the humidifier which reduces maintenance costs, the frequency of spare parts and increases the lifespan of the humidifier. This makes it a great add on feature for areas that have particularly hard water supply and/or areas looking to reduce maintenance costs and labour.

    / Specifications /

    Capacity:120 litres/hr
    Power Supply:230v 1 phase
    Water supply:Mains water
    Water pressure:Min 2.0 bar, Max 4.0 bar

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Product in action

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