Neptronic SKS4 Steam to Steam Humidifier

The SKS4 humidifier provides chemical free steam by using an on-site central boiler or steam generating station as a heat source. The raw steam under pressure or high temperature hot water from the boiler provides the energy to produce clean steam through a heat exchanger.

Features and benefits

  • Steam capacity from 15 to 670 kg/hr
  • Clean and re-install in minutes
  • Scale management system
  • Uses RO, DI or mains water
  • Drain water tempered below 60°C

Typical applications

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Print and packaging production
  • Product Information

    The main energy source of the SKS4 is raw steam under pressure from an on-site central boiler. The raw steam passes through the heat exchanger of the humidifier, thus providing the energy to produce clean sterilised steam to be distributed to the Air Handling Unit (AHU) system or duct. The SKS4 is designed with a comprehensive scale management system. The supply of cold water, located at the sloped bottom of the evaporation chamber, forces the precipitated mineral deposits into baskets that can easily be removed and cleaned.

    / Specifications /

    Capacities:15 – 670 kg/hr
    Heat exchangers:Copper or stainless steel
    Steam distribution:Lance or multi-lance

    Full specifications can be found on the downloads below.

Neptronic SKS4 Steam to Steam Humidifier

Product in action

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