HiDew SPR / STR Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

The SPR and STR dehumidifiers from HiDew are the ideal units for industries that require not only dehumidification, but also temperature control and a high air renewal, without dispersing the internal heat outdoors. With an efficiency of the recovery up to 80%, these units represent the state-of-art in terms of efficiency, reliability and emitted sound power.

Features and benefits

  • Dehumidification and heating
  • Variable fan speed settings
  • Built in heat recovery
  • Controlled air flows
  • Quick and easy to install

Typical applications

  • Small commercial swimming pools
  • Museums and archive rooms
  • Commercial storage rooms
  • Ironing rooms
  • Steel storage
  • Product Information

    The SPR and STR range only uses electronic radial fans with high-energy efficiency inverter integrated. Thanks to the temperature control function, with an external condenser, these units grant a full control, not only of the humidity, but also of the ambient temperature. Therefore, these units are suitable for those applications in which the contemporary control of both the parameters is required. The sophisticated software developed by HiDew allows the air flows to be set, measured and controlled: it eliminates any chance of incorrect calculation of load losses. The installation and system commissioning is quick and easy as well as cost effective.

    / Specifications /

    Capacities:Up to 4650 L/day
    Power Supply:230v 1 phase, 400v 3 phase
    Recirculation airflow rate:Up to 35,000 m3/hr

    Full specifications can be found on the download below.

HiDew SPR / STR Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

Product in action

Featured case study

Car Storage Facility Uses Dehumidification to Protect Luxury Cars

Humidity Solutions supplied and installed desiccant dehumidifiers for car storage facility, enabling climate control in a Victorian farm building.



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