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Humidity Solutions Create Stable Conditions for Mosquito Breeding

Published on:

July 6, 2023


The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine is a higher education institution focused on finding cures for rare diseases such as Malaria, HIV, and TB. 


Their mosquito laboratories had nine existing electrode technology humidifiers installed to ensure stable humidity control. However, being electrode technology, the humidifiers needed frequent drain intervals during operation. During a drain cycle the humidifier must remain in an idle state until the cycle is complete. During this period, it was noted that the humidity control was drifting out of the required bandwidth. This made it difficult for Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to maintain the close humidity control required for consistent breeding conditions.


After an initial site visit, it was clear to our engineer John Bainbridge that resistive humidifier technology was required to ensure consistent humidity control. The Neptronic SKE4 series was the perfect solution, as the sophisticated software enabled the client to determine not only when the unit drains but also the percentage of the water that is drained from the chamber. This means that the humidifier is able to maintain a constant humidity control of +/- 1%. 


After the Neptronic SKE4 Humidifiers were installed, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine noticed a difference in the reliability of the mosquito laboratories. The mosquito larvae is hatching 4 days earlier than before due to the stable environmental conditions. This allows the School to carry out tests more quickly and move on to the next batch of mosquito larvae. The installation of all 9 units went smoothly, with particular praise for John.

“From start to finish, the service process was a seamless experience, and the engineer on-site was a pleasure to work with. Their exceptional professionalism and adaptability ensured that our insectary teams could continue their work uninterrupted. Their approach made what could have been a challenging process incredibly straightforward and hassle-free.”

Ron Plumbley – Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

As a result of the seamless installation, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine took out a Planned Maintenance contract with Humidity Solutions, with the Service Team maintaining the units twice a year to ensure the mosquito laboratories are in the optimum condition all year round. 

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